Locanda Don Serafino: Michelin Food Experience in Ragusa

31 May 2024

Discover with us where you can enjoy a Michelin Food Experience in Ragusa Ibla after spending a day in its historic center.

In the heart of the ancient baroque city of Ragusa, you can find a gem of Sicilian gastronomy: Locanda Don Serafino. An exclusive restaurant in a unique location; it has been carved out of ancient warehouses excavated over the centuries and located in the ancient “bassi” of the Church of Miracles.

A Michelin starred Restaurant

Locanda Don Serafino, awarded with a Michelin star, is led by chef Vincenzo Candiano. His cuisine represents the perfect union between the rich Sicilian culinary tradition and contemporary innovation. Thanks to the excellent local ingredients, both from the land and the sea, the dishes of the renowned restaurant offer a sensory journey through the unique flavors of one of Italy’s richest territories.

A magic atmosphere

At Locanda Don Serafino, you will not only experience a unique and unforgettable gastronomic experience, but you will also travel back in time. The restaurant’s environments, though renovated, still retain faithful traces of their past. The main rooms are nestled in a cave that has survived earthquakes, including the devastating 1693 earthquake in the Val di Noto. Iron rings on the walls, once used to tether animals, and stone rings for the aging of cured meats and cheeses, tell stories of a bygone era. Additionally, the Locanda’s cellar is a true paradise for wine lovers, with approximately 2,000 labels ranging from international references to local Sicilian ones. Not to be missed!

Where to sleep? Locanda’s Boutique Hotel

If you want to be pampered 360 degrees, why not spend a night in their Boutique Hotel? The rooms are located a short distance from the Locanda Don Serafino restaurant, except for the Luxury Suite, which is situated in the same location as the restaurant. Each room has a unique style, with custom-made furniture and designs. The most special rooms, carved into stone environments, are the essence of an unconventional experience, subject to the nature of the place.

In conclusion, a culinary journey at Locanda Don Serafino in Ragusa Ibla offers not only an extraordinary gastronomic experience but also an immersion in the history and beauty of Sicily.

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