What we do

Expo Sicily is an ideal partner for the proper marketing of Sicilian – made products. We deal with the analysis of the markets, search for suitable distributors, draft various types of contracts, analyze administrative problems such as import permits, and acquire final sales and its related cash (money outside the country).

We act as a real Export Manager and take care of all of the overseas sales of a company, know the markets in which it will operate, develop contacts with customers and potential customers, and read up on the tools that can support or facilitate the exports of the company .

Our external focus is extremely important to have a good knowledge of the main languages of the markets in which it will operate, have outstanding qualities of adaptation and flexibility, know product familiarity, be familiar with knowledge of countries and cultures, and also be open to negotiation.

We believe in:

  • Treating the creation of networks and organizations overseas sales and support of products and services.
  • Evaluating the strategies of companies in a competitive global market such as joint ventures, licensing and franchise agreements, activation of international finance , investments in emerging markets, and multicultural management.
  • Assessing the criticality of logistics, especially in production systems / fragmented distribution, relocation, decentralization of production, outsourcing, and production networks.

Expo Sicily relates with customers and has the task of choosing potential new markets to develop the most effective strategies for entry and consolidation of corporate presence in the countries identified.

Our focus is in the following areas:

Travel and Leisure

Helping customers explore Sicily in a unique way by taking them to places that are off limits to foreign travelers.

Food and Beverage

Providing the most delicious food and beverage products made in Sicily. For buyers interested in large-volume imports we can facilitate everything from ordering, shipping and delivery.

Fashion and Design

Supplying clients with unique Italian styles from of handicrafts, to furniture, to custom suits. 

Real Estate and Investment

Connecting investors to opportunities for investing in Sicilian wineries, vineyards, resorts, apartments, and other real estate development projects is offered and led by our trusted partners in business. 

Investing in our products is a versatile and profitable option with many opportunities for growth and diversification and we hope you will join in our expansion.

Are you looking to make revenue with Sicilian Products? Please, get in touch, we are pleased to develop your request.