Sicily Retreat – The Essential Leader

11 Apr 2024

Are you a lawyer, an entrepreneur or a senior professional who is looking for a trasformative experience away from the hustle and bustle of the city life? Welcome to Sicily Retreat – The Essential Leader, a 4-days bespoke luxury experience & workshop by Annalise Pesa, in which you will discover how to boost your business, confidence and leadership skills, discovering the beauties of Sicily.

Step into the launch edition by ExpoSicily in partnership with Sicily Travelling. They will offer you a haven specifically designed for everyone who is yearning to break free from the monotony and pressure of everyday life. Each day promises enriching workshops focused on refining leadership and confidence, ensuring a holistic renovating experience. How? Thanks to its yoga session and travel experiences. In addition, you will be in one of the most breathtaking destination in Italy, with a full board accommodation!

Did I get your attention? Let’s discover the key purposes of the retreat!

Faraglioni di Scopello, one of the destination of the "Sicily Retreat" Workshop

The 3 workshop principles

During the 4-days workshop you will learn practical strategies to regain control among the chaos of city life, reducing stress while remaining attuned to your surroundings, therefore you will pave the way for significant positive changes in your business and leadership.

This transformative 4-day program focuses on three essential principles:

  • Expert-Led Group Coaching: dive deep into leadership best practices with experienced facilitators.
  • DISC & Emotional Intelligence Assessments: gain valuable insights into your communication style and emotional intelligence, fostering self-awareness and boosting team dynamics.
  • Stress Reduction & Rejuvenation: immerse yourself in the tranquility of a secluded Sicilian villa, enjoying full-board accommodation and rejuvenating activities.

Excited? And that is not even the best part!

Teamwork is the key!

Sicily, Italy: an oasis of peace

The retreat will take place in the heart of Sicily, also known as the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, where Culture, History and Nature meet the human being. Its sun-kissed shores and ancient landscapes will surely provide a restorative escape from the pressure of modern life.

Participants will restore their souls and find ispiration at Casale Buccellato – an exquisite villa located within a sprawling two-hectare estate adorned with fields of golden wheat and olive groves, emblematic of the region’s rich agricultural heritage.

Casale Buccellato

In conclusion, this is a tailor made retreat for business men and women who want to grow professionally for themselves and their team. Without any doubt, its strenght is that it combines the workshop with yoga sessions and of course, the beauty of a journey: a perfect match!

Do you want to find out more about “Sicily Retreat – The Essential Leader“, its full program and the correlated travel experiences? Download the file below or fill the form for any question, the ExpoSicily team will assist you!