Luxury hotel in Syracuse, Sicily: Grand Hotel Minareto

17 May 2024

After an intense day of exploration through the streets of Syracuse, there is nothing more satisfying than retreating to a luxuy hotel into the Sicilian nature. Today we suggest you the Grand Hotel Minareto, let’s discover it together!

Latomie Bay

The enchanting Latomie Bay

The Minareto is located in the Charming Bay of Latomie, within the Plemmirio Marine Reserve and was built due to the strong will of a significant redevelopment of the Sicilian territory . What you are going to find in here? Crystal-clear waters to swim in, sandy shores, and a breathtakind panorama of the beautiful island of Ortigia. The Grand Hotel offers an incomparable experience. Moreover, the resort sits on a promontory, enveloped by 30.000 square meters of Sicilian countriside, making it a magical place where sea and land meet.

private beach and sunset

Tradition & Modernity

The interiors, as well as the panorama on the outside, will leave you amazed. As a matter of fact, the rooms of the Grand Hotel Minareto blend the Sicilian tradition with modern comfort, all while also embracing sustainability, at the base of the Hotel’s values. Take a moment to admire the refined majolica tiles that tell stories of ancient traditions and merge with the colors of the sea.
On the other hand, the exteriors open up to an explosion of Mediterranean vegetation and are particularly characterized by the use of materials that reference the territory, such as the typical volcanic stone from Mount Etna or the white stone from Syracuse.

rooms and interiors

Minareto Dining Experience

In Sicily, it’s impossible to overlook the culinary delights, and the Minareto doesn’t disappoint at the table either. Its bars and restaurants celebrate the authentic flavors of Sicily with a selection of the finest local excellences, where once again, tradition and modernity meet.

In short, the Grand Hotel Minareto will delight you with a magical 360-degree experience; every moment will become unforgettable, an immersion in the luxury and beauty of Sicily!

restaurant and food

What to see in Syracuse?

Before setting off to explore the territories of Syracuse or indulging in the comforts of the Grand Hotel Minareto, make sure to read our article about its territory! It features a tailor-made mini itinerary for you, which you can enjoy over a weekend: clieck here to read it!

If instead you wish to discover more don’t hesitate to contact our tour operator, Sicily Travelling, for a personalized itinerary.