iSicily Italian Corner: Made in Sicily high quality products

01 Apr 2024

Made in Sicily is getting a more and more popular label and it stands for quality of products. ‘Food’ is, indeed, one of the keywords associated with Sicily – in particular, good food.

Agri-food industry has always had a central role not only in Sicilian history and traditions, but also in the economy. In 2020, InfoCamere (a company working on behalf of the Chambers of Commerce) registered 79.611 agricultural enterprises and 7.939 food and beverage industries in Sicily.

iSicily Italian Corner

That’s why one of the core focuses of Expo Sicily is promoting Made in Sicily in the Food & Wine industry, thanks to the partnership with iSicily Italian Corner.

Food is a strong component of Sicilian identity: not mere flavours, colours and aromas but top quality. The deep bond with earth and sea – and the endless products they offer – results in the full respect for nature and what it gives to us.

Photo from Pexels

The 19 agri-food partner producers of iSicily Italian Corner embody the values of Sicilian tradition: passion, commitment, hard work and love for the homeland. For each of them, quality is the main focus of their work.

iSicily is proud to make this quality known all over the world. You can buy any type of product you want on the online store; whether you are in Italy or abroad, you will enjoy the best Sicilian food and drinks right in your own home. Olive oil, fish, desserts, citrus fruits, wine and liquors… it would be impossible to list them all.

And if you work in the agri-food industry, why don’t you create your own Sicilian corner in your shop? iSicily Italian Corner will assist you with the selection of the best products, the design of a tailor-made display unit and marketing activities to launch and increase your visibility and your sales.