‘Nzina – Sicilian Delicacies

From  Granny ‘Nzina (Vincenza)’s old-fashioned recipes was born a brand of Sicilian food products with the intent of preserving the culinary traditions of the past, however, retaining the quality and authenticity of superior grade raw materials.

The constant care in the selection of agricultural products, quality control and innovation in transformation processes, allow us to offer a wide range of genuine products, with no dyes, preservatives and chemical additives.

A qualitative excellence found in sauces, pestos, cheeses, jams and olive oil, ideal for housewives to prepare delicious dishes or for the Ho.Re.Ca Group in refined menus.

An exaltation of the typical taste of the Sicilian gastronomic tradition, great toppings, raw or cooked, quick to serve and taste.

An international marketing aimed at export of the flavors and fragrances that only the Sicilian nature can offer.



Appetizers and side dishes


– Smoked swordfish with mushrooms  ragout

-Sardines and fennel

-Tuna and eggplants

-Sausage and eggplants

-Sausage and mushrooms

-Tomato and basil

-Tomato and eggplants

-Mushrooms and bacon

-Tomato sauce

-Zucchini, raisins and pine nuts

– Trapani”style (garlic, tomato, almonds, cheese)



-Cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and pistachio

-Eggplant caponata



-Sun dried tomatoespaté

– Green olivespaté

– Capers and almondspaté

– Sun dried tomatoes and caperspaté

– Green olives and almondspaté

– Green olives, capers, and sundried tomatoespaté




-Lemons and ginger


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